Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Pack Meeting

What an incredible Pack Meeting tonight. Our cub scouts are the best - they were so respectful and well behaved as we got to hear from 4 local veterans. It was fabulous. And a big WOW and THANKS to the SHS ROTC cadets who provided our color guard and did an awesome Cub Scout Boot Camp. It was amazing to have such a military presence with us as we learn about responsibility and service. We owe so much to those willing to sacrifice for our freedoms.

Boot Camp Calisthenics

Boot Camp Obstacle Course

They started with a ladder run, army crawled under barbwire (yarn), went across a balance beam,

and did some over unders, followed by nerf gun target shooting and a final zigzag sprint to the end.

It was a fun night.  We had every single one of our scouts there.  The boys were able to hear experiences and see memorabilia up close. A wonderful and fun night learning about our military.

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