Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beach Party

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We had a fun beach party this year for my 7 year old. And like all my parties – the average busy mom can put it together, even the cupcakes, without breaking the bank.

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While all the girls arrived, they colored pictures of shells to decorate their goody bags. Once everyone was here the real fun began. They played ring toss and bean bag toss. They ran through sprinklers and had so much fun on the water slide.

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It ended up being an easy, fun party because there were things for the girls to do and they had fun running around and playing for two hours. There was no organized play or games. Love it.

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The Cake

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Sadie did not want cupcakes this year but my brainstorm for her cake was in fact cupcakes. So we compromised and did both. The cupcakes were for the party and we saved the cake for family. They were easy enough to make, even the birthday girl helped. The sand is made with crushed graham crackers (on top of tan frosting). The waves are made by piping blue frosting with one side of the bag filled with white frosting to create foaming waves. Throw on a teddy graham and an umbrella and Viola!

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I felt like the cake needed some finishing touches so I added striped paper for beach towels and edged the beach with Pepperidge farm Pirouette wafers.

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I don’t spend a lot of money on goody bags but I do like them to be fun. I included a small beach ball (amazon), cheap sun glasses (amazon), and some treats with a thank you note. I spent about $1 per bag.

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Enjoy the sun and let the kiddos play!

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Invites & Thank you cards

Sadie's Beach Party

Download Blank Invite HERE

thx karlee

Download Thank You QPs HERE

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