Friday, May 25, 2012

Angry Bird Party

This was seriously the funest party! (I know that’s not a proper word, but you get what I’m saying - super duper fun!)  The games were easy - all the bird stuff turned out awesome - and the kids had a blast!  Plus, it didn’t break the bank! I try to plan parties that are fun, creative, but not over the top - because what do kids care if the food table looks like something from a magazine.
Here’s a breakdown of the party - and check the end of this post for free downloads.
We played our own version of Angry Birds with these Can Pigs and plush Angry Birds. The cans were cleaned out veggie cans spray painted green with some vinyl pigs attached.  I got my vinyl from Simple Saying Vinyl - it’s not in her catalog as I designed the pigs myself, but they should still be available if you ask. My sister made the birds for me but you can also buy them. (I would get the pet toy size - I have seen them at walmart.) The kids absolutely loved throwing the birds to knock down the pigs.
I love races so we had a little building race. The kids were split into two teams in a race to build the best Pig Castle. They each placed 3 blocks on and then it was the next kids turn. The first castle to fall stopped the game. Then if the standing castle could hold all 5 pigs they were the winners.  I ordered the pigs on amazon but for a cheaper version I would just paint some rocks (Here’s an example).
The winning castle!
We played Birds vs. Pigs in the Angry Bird version of British Bulldog. It was pretty fun to watch the birds race across the yard to avoid the pigs. If you aren’t familiar with this game - start with one or two kids in the middle with the rest of the kids lined up all on the same side of the yard.  Yell “Fly” and the kids (birds) race across the yard trying not to get touched by those in the middle (the pigs). If they get touched they join the pigs.  You repeat with the remaining kids lined up on the other side until you have one or two kids left, who will become the starting pigs for the next round.
We had a bird toss with angry Bird frisbees. The kids had three tries to get the Angry Birds to land in the circle (hulahoop). Easy enough explained but challenging enough for the kids.
These frisbees were purchased at the dollar store (I just had to remove the stickers that were on them) and the faces are vinyl from Simple Sayings Vinyl. Super easy and I think the faces make them look awesome.
After going through each game the kids were free to play any of the games and spent the next 30 minutes just having fun. They really enjoyed building castles for the pigs.
We ended the party with Angry Bird cupcakes, ice cream and opening presents.  There are darling Angry Bird cakes out there but I like something simple that the non-fondant people can make and I got the idea HERE. The original design had you put a marshmallow at the bottom for the white underbelly but I didn’t care for it and decided not to put it on the rest of them. I also didn’t like using the mini chocolate chips for the eyes because they wouldn’t stay - I think it would be easier to just color some frosting and pipe a drop on for the dot in the eye.
I found a digital scrapbook kit that included an invite - you can check it out HERE.  I made a few changes to it (like the grass) and then had this birthday invite finished in no time.  You can download my version with the “You’re invited” title on it at the end of this post.
Trenton's Invite
I love the way the take home bags turned out (if I do say so myself). They were filled with cups, mini frisbees and treats (pictured below). The cups were from walmart - 6 for $1 and the frisbees from the dollar store, 3 for $1. The take-home bags can be made with different colored bags for the different birds but I bought these bags for cheap after Valentine’s day so I just stuck with red.  You can download this template below.
The plates were just yellow plates that I drew on -  the kids thought I was such a good artist (ha, which I am not - but it was easy enough).  The centerpiece is a larger version of the take home bags but put on a balloon. That template is also included in the download below along with the angry bird font.
Hope this helps you plan a fun and inexpensive Angry Bird party that everyone will love.


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 6 post on May. 26, 2012. Thanks again.

Judith said...

I loved this whole thing!! Thanks for sharing. What a great party this seemed to be. You are very creative.